Eris Sky

Hi, I'm Eris! From what I can tell in this universe, I'm a character Jack Hammer wrote about in some of his earlier stories. Apparently he likes me a lot or something, so I guess I'm sort of his mascot now. I don't know, reality barriers are weird to deal with, and things don't exist the same depending on which side you're on. Judging from the looks of it though, you'll probably see pictures of me around his sites and stuff. Maybe in this world I could have been a model instead of a security specialist? I bet that would have been an easier job, but in my world, someone's got to pick up a shotgun and fight monsters, and somehow that's the career I got myself into. Anyway, gotta run! Stuff to do, and friends waiting on me. See you guys around the multiverse, somewhere, sometime!

- Love, Eris